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The Rise Again Podcast

Jan 21, 2020

You will not meet many people in your life as positive and full of life as Jenny Debolt. Jenny is an inspiration, a motivator, an instigator of living life fully, and most importantly a teacher to all of us what to know about bipolar disorder and what it is like to deal with suicide at a personal level.

Jenny lost family members in her life by suicide and is a living testimony to learning from those incidents and that looking for the treasure in each experience we go through in life, even the hardest situations we find ourselves in.

Jenny also provides awareness on bipolar disorder. She vulnerably connects with the listener by providing what life is like with bipolar. Love on Jenny, send her shoutouts and connect with her. Check her company out for your corporate deep cleaning! 

Lessons from today's conversation:

  1. Wear your best, always. 
  2. Your attitude, rather than your aptitude, determines your altitude in life. 
  3. Have affirmations and read them everyday.
  4. Gratitude will change your life.
  5. 129 people die everyday by suicide in the USA alon.
  6. What you focus on grows, so think positive.
  7. Find the treasure in the issues you find yourself in.
  8. Bipolar is a condition, just like any other condition. 
  9. Be you and wholeheartedly you.

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