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The Rise Again Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

Emily Boller is an inspiring woman with a fabulous story. Emily's story is one about overcoming food addiction. Chubby in her childhood, anorexic in her teens and then obese until age 47, Emily became desperate for answers. Then a fateful decision in 2008 had her document her 100-pound weight loss journey in images and...

Nov 19, 2019

Robert F. Gruler Jr., is a criminal defense lawyer, in recovery.

The road to Robert's success lies in his vulnerability and his desire to give back to others. His philanthropic endeavors are widespread in the greater Phoenix area, and he's making a big difference, everyday.   

His ability to be candid and vulnerable...

Nov 12, 2019

Dr. Matthew Hernandez, NMD took the trophy for 2018 Top Doctor rated by his peers. I have Dr. Matt on the podcast to tell us about what regenerative medicine is, what it isn't, and all the ins and outs of how you can heal your joints to get back to pain-free active living. 

In this incredible episode, Dr. Matt and I...

Nov 5, 2019

This is Larry Arnold, one of Phoenix's most sought after trainers. 

Larry is known throughout Phoenix as having a tremendous ability to connect with people and catalyze their transformations on the field of life. He has an uncanny ability to be able to relate and move people beyond their limitations. He is a...