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The Rise Again Podcast


Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD, uncovers the possibility of living a transformed life, on purpose. On The Rise Again Podcast, you'll discover people who are vulnerable about their addictions, failures, health, and trauma. Stories like these will move you to see new possibilities for yourself.

The possibility of transformation is passed on through the stories and sharing of the incredible people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to live a life that is deeply fulfilling, to be of service to mankind. When we hear others talk openly about their own transformation, the message carries with it the seed to transform the lives of those it touches. Tune in, listen, and take massive action in your life.

Dr. Raisanen suffered a TBI and recovered in time to bicycle 4400 miles across the USA, from Washington to Maine, and then attend and graduate from naturopathic medical school to learn further in depth how to serve mankind with health promotion and natural medicine. Dr. Raisanen, is a lifestyle medicine physician who specializes in treating type II diabetes, autoimmune disease, and digestive disorders and diseases. His passion is connecting with people and seeing people thrive in their lives and the impact that person can make on the world.


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