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The Rise Again Podcast

Jul 8, 2022

Dylan Dearman lives an exemplary story of transformation. Growing up in Wisconsin hunting and fishing, Dylan married his high school sweetheart and soon found himself living a lifestyle that allowed him to weigh in at 315 lbs with arthritis, low back pain and prediabetes. When he saw a picture of himself at a Milwaukee Brewers game, he was shocked at what he saw in the picture. He decided it was time for a life-altering change.  


By rearranging his priorities, changing habits and getting a new support system, Dylan has completely changed his health and his future. He tried various diets from low calorie, to keto, to ultimately finding macro-counting to work most effectively. He also works out daily, recently crushing the Hero-WOD Murph in around 40 minutes. 


Dylan gives a lot of credit to his friends and wife who have held him accountable to change. He mentions 75 Hard, a program by Andy Frisella that was incredibly helpful in his transformation. 


Dylan is a champion of inspiration. He's a humble man who you will not hear talking abnout himself. This was his coming-out interview about his transformation, to the world. Let Dylan know how inspiring he is! 


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