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The Rise Again Podcast

Mar 31, 2020

Dr. Michael Moeller is a men's-health legend with a story to tell. 

Dr. Michael Moeller is a naturopathic physician who is a founder of Infinity Medicine and Wellness in Laguna Hills, California. he specializes in peripheral neuropathy regeneration, men's hormones, and men's health. 

We uncover Dr. Moeller's journey to medicine and why his passion is men's health. We talk all things testosterone; who is at risk for low testosterone, (yes, it's a liability!), what the symptoms are, causes of low testosterone, how to increase testosterone and what to expect in terms of benefits and side effects. 

This podcast is riddled with gems. Dr. Moeller and I went to school together and this is a podcast where I get to bring out the expert in him. Listen, reach out to him, and let him know how awesome he is! If you liked the show, throw up a 5-star rating on iTunes! 


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Dr. Moeller's practice: Infinity Medical and Wellness: 25301 Cabot Rd., Suite 103, Laguna Hills, CA 92653