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The Rise Again Podcast

Aug 11, 2020

Harvard Ph.D, Dr. Jen Howk and I sit down and connect on how your political choice and COVID19 reaction is impacted by the genetically determined personality you were born with. 

Dr. Howk explains that your personality traits determine whether you are unhappy, distraught and scared, or in paradise sheltering in place. She also gives environmental modifications to create a better world for yourself.

Dr. Howk explains how negative things motivate us more than positive things and how our media on our devices is being used against us, promoting the media-industrial-complex. Hint: social media was creation came out of the science around the slot machines for casinos... social media companies understand addiction and patterns to hook us up to their feeds and unknowingly creating tribalism.

Dr. Howk talk about cancel culture and the stripping of free speech. A recent poll showed that 30-50% of a younger group of people, would want their boss fired if he voted for the party they opposed. She shares how Cancel Culture has been used by totalitarian regimes in the past, silencing freedom of speech.

Remember, your 5 personality traits are fixed, wherever you fall on the spectrum with your traits is neither good nor bad. They are an asset for survival and a liability during times of life as well. Take on this podcast and learn more about who we are at the fundamental level.

Links from the podcast: Become a member at Esteem Dynamics. Know more about who you are by using the Big 5.

A second Big Five test:



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