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The Rise Again Podcast

Apr 15, 2022

At the center of our lives are our relationships. They shape our lives and our lives shape the relationships around us.


On this incredible episode my great friend Jack Martin and I connect over one of the most important matters in our lives here on earth, our relationships. 


Sometimes the major catalyst for change is taking the wrong approach and messing things up. Jack vulnerability in this episode covers some of his life's hardest relationship moments with those he loves the most. 


Just a few topics in this episode

  1. Active listening in relationships
  2. Being an adoptive father
  3. Engaging maximally with your family
  4. The geness of the Marriage Retreat
  5. Praying for trials in life: allowing growth
  6. Relationship quadrants: I-IV
  7. Discipline with our children

If you loved this episode, reach out to Jack and let him know how great this episode and his sharing was. And let him know you'll preorder his marriage retreat book when it comes out!