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The Rise Again Podcast

Oct 6, 2020

Someday in a split second, your life could be changed forever. Our purpose in much of this life is to accept what is unfolding in front of us and to move with alacrity the race set before us. Let me introduce Kate Harvie. 


Kate Harvie was born to teach people how to tell their stories. She does this with writing, editing, marketing, brand strategy, and development online and offline. A graduate of law school, she is a startup founder and advocate for survivors of all kinds of trauma.


Kate is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury. That is the impetus for her first book. She is a singer, an advocate, and the person you want in your corner and on your speed dial.


A published writer for online magazines (BeautyNewsNYC), print publications (West End Word), blogs (L.M. Durand), and the companies where she works in communications and strategy (The Vanderbilt Republic and MIDHEAVEN Network), Kate began in advertising at FutureBrand’s digital practice. She worked at INTAGLIA HOME COLLECTION in St. Louis in marketing and sales. She co-wrote curricula, vodcast scripts, and training dialogues at Sephora and for several cosmetic companies. As the community and content manager at The Phat Startup, she was responsible for the website’s content creation, editing, and ghostwriting. She is the contributing writer for the Universal Hip Hop Museum.





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