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The Rise Again Podcast

Mar 17, 2020

David Goldman, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS is a sports nutritionist and exercise physiologist whose clients include collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes. His experience spans NCAA Division 1 strength and conditioning, clinical obesity research, and corporate health and performance at Facebook HQ. He currently works as the Chief Science Advisor to The Game Changers.

David is a legend. He is a family man, scholar, and a sought after nutritional scientist on the topics of health, sports, disease reversal, strength and conditioning and optimizing life and performance. We had a blast on the podcast today. 

On the podcast we speak about optimizing health and nutrition working into a plant-based diet, optimizing nutrition for performance, protein requirements for building muscle, building muscle, macronutrients (fat, carbs, and protein), approaches to coaching with nutrition, connecting, being mindful, and enjoying life. 

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