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The Rise Again Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

Dr. Michael Murray, ND, is the world's foremost expert on health, natural medicine, and living a long healthy life. Today on The Rise Again Podcast, Dr. Murray and I discuss his new book called The Longevity Matrix, How to Live Better, Stronger, and Longer.

As an author of over 30 Best-Selling books on health and natural medicine, and being featured on 20-20, Dr. Oz, Dateline, MSNBC, PBS, ABC Primetime, WebMD, CBS Sunday Morning News, and about every other media outlet, Dr. Murray stands alone as an author with creative genius and wisdom to create books and materials that everyone can use to create a better life.

With The Longevity Matrix, Dr. Murray shares a cornucopia of wisdom as a benefit to those who are lucky enough to discover how to live their greatest life. Filled with pearls of wisdom, I am excited to share this episode with you. You will find thoughtful assessments of your own health in each chapter as well as scientific research revealing how to optimize that part of your life. Remember the goal is to live better, so tune in and tap into Dr. Murray's wisdom and guidance.



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